JN House – Renovation Design – Novi, MI

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About This Project

This residence is located in Novi, MI. The clients came to me looking to add a garage and a master suite above and overhaul the style to reflect their taste. Here is a brief overview:

Existing Home:

North West corner


Existing Plans:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.38.21 PM


Proposed Plans (2nd Draft):

Nazaroff Plans_2 Nazaroff Plans_3


Additional Views:

East Elevation


Nazaroff 2014-03-28 REAR

From the kitchen:

Nazaroff 2014-03-28 VIEW FROM KITCHEN

From the TV:

Nazaroff 2014-03-28 VIEW TV



This is an ongoing project. For more details, check out the mural storyboard outlining the project from the start:

Murally Board

Check back for updates as this project is just starting development!

Bathroom Design:Nazaroff 2014-06-27 16130300000